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Tom Hardy is a magician. There’s no other explanation for how he could transform what should’ve been a completely perfunctory origin story for a convolutedinto such delirious, brain-killing kitsch. Playing both Eddie Brock, a San Francisco-based activist-journalist who works for a VICE-like outlet, and the titular Venom, a (very hungry) Symbiote creature with a giant […]

Journey to China

The English traveller Jonathan Green receives from Peter the Great an order to map the Russian Far East. Once again he sets out for a long journey full of incredible adventures that will .

Mortal Engines

A mysterious young woman named Hester Shaw joins forces with Anna Fang, a dangerous outlaw with a bounty on her head, and Tom Natsworthy, an outcast from London, to lead a rebellion against a giant predator city on wheels.

Housefull 3

Batook, a rich representative, doesn’t need his three little girls to get hitched in view of a superstitious conviction. Presently, their sweethearts must demonstrate to Batook that they are ideal for his little girls.

Jai Gangaajal

GANGAAJAL recounted the account of how a general public gets the police it merits. After thirteen years, JAI GANGAAJAL returns to the dusty heartland of Central India and again inspects the general public – police relationship to reveal to us another story. The effective individuals, with their personal stakes have set up an all around […]


Delhiite Gaurav is a major devotee of Bollywood hotshot Aryan Khanna, whose looks take after his own. He embarks to Mumbai to meet him yet is spurned by him, which is when Gaurav chooses to destroy his life.