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The writer of the fantastic 2007 chiller The Orphanage makes his directorial debut with this half-conventional, half-twisted tale of four young siblings who live in their horrific mansion by themselves long after their mother passes away. Also there’s some sort of creature in the basement, and a snooty banker who keeps sniffing around.

Bullet Head

Remember the badass 1992 action flick Trespass? Ice Cube, Ice-T, Bill Paxton, and Bill Sadler. It’s about a bunch of crooks hiding out in a warehouse while their recent heist falls apart. How about the 1993 sci-fi/horror movie Man’s Best Friend, in which a killer dog makes trouble for Ally Sheedy and Lance Henriksen?Bullet Head is virtually […]

The Meg

It’s not nearly as nasty as horror fans wanted, but heck, a giant shark flick is still a giant shark flick. It’s also got a colorful cast, with Jason Statham having some fun amid his tough-guy heroics, and a few wacky set pieces that are plain old fun. It’s barely even a horror movie, but […]


Yes, you’ve certainly seen this sort of “skeptic in a haunted house” premise before, but when the house is this creepy — and the cast is this impressive — there’s nothing wrong with curling up with a very familiar ghost story, even if you mostly know where it’s headed. And the twisted house (based on […]

Insidious: The Last Key

Not every horror franchise can squeeze legitimate jolts from its audience on a fourth movie, but there’s always been a low-key sense of quality to the Insidious series. This chapter kicks off with a creepy flashback and then settles in with a basic-yet-engaging ghost story that centers around franchise MVP Lin Shaye (as paranormal investigator Elise Rainier) […]

Ek Thi Daayan

Those thought of daayans existing done particular social order may be spooky done itself. Ek Thi Daayan will be a valiant endeavor during attempting something new. It may be a cross between a unconditional frightfulness novel into a film Also a creepy, paranormal thriller. Those otherworldly show might appear implausible yet the stylised medicine and the rigid […]

Horror Story

An assembly from claiming youngsters choose with use all the those night toward a spooky lodging. Things get convoluted Furthermore its An alarm fest subsequently. There are A percentage really terrifying scenes that will make you bounce off your seat. The individuals searching for chills won’t be frustrated whatsoever.


Those third portion in the Raaz trilogy, Shaapit may be sufficient to raise the hair on the back from claiming your neck. In each Vikram Bhatt film, those USP for this novel into a film lies for its treatment, keeping it stylishly shocking. By the wind of it all, you could need to have confidence […]

13 B (2009)

13 b goes stuffed of the rafters for spine-tingling chills Furthermore scares. It doesn’t totally rely on upon a spooky foundation score alternately weird Polaroid angles will convey those chills. For a solid script What’s more an group throws that can its work with perfection, 13 b may be certainly one motion picture you shouldn’t […]

1920 (2008)

An imperial left house. Weigh. An complex overseer. Weigh. An recently wed couple. Weigh. This motion picture abounds in each buzzword expected of a frightfulness novel into a film Be that what sets it separated starting with those others is those sheer aesthetic artfulness for which the frames need been carried. Chills guaranteed.